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Miss molly rose

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Miss molly rose

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Plant Care Layered white flowers with a delicate tracing of burgundy around the border of each petal. A beautiful choice.

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Their handsome, evergreen foliage and pretty blooms are a winner! The blooms open so freely there is plenty for picking - a real boon for winter.

Its aroma shows delicious ripe pomegranate and fresh strawberries with just the slightest hint of orange peel. The nolly can also be picked for vases.

Plant Care Layered white flowers with a delicate tracing of burgundy around the border of each petal. The flowers are long lasting and measure cm across.

Miss Molly now breakfasts in South Africa, lunches in Mauritius, dines out in London and just adores partying-it-up in America. Winter Roses are amazing evergreen perennials that offer a lasting floral display from winter to spring. They are ideal for filling the difficult shady spots in your garden.

A nice way to display them is floating in a bowl as a table centrepiece. She has, over the last few years, become decidedly more Madame than Mademoiselle with an attitude to match.

Winter Roses, or Hellebores are durable and versatile in the garden. Double Winter Roses have all the hardiness of the traditional varieties with a little extra flair! You can dip them in boiling water after picking to prolong their life.

They grow best beneath deciduous trees, rosd filtered light or part shade they don't tend to flower as well in really heavy shade. Au revoir steak - thieved from the kitchen counter - hello foie gras, gifted to her by adoring fans. They are one of the best evergreen plant choices for growing beneath deciduous trees.

A beautiful choice. You can also choose to plant Winter Rose in beds sheltered from hot afternoon sun or even in pots.