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Pattaya secrets forum

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Pattaya secrets forum

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January 22, It's usually if they mistake you for Arabs. Also it depends on your attitude.

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During my visits I became a regular at the Freelancer Bar and a poster on their web forum.

I almost found my way back as end of August about a week before the Secrets September 1st, 12th anniversary party, I was asked to meet with Pattayaa, a Secrets partner and his son James great guys at Secrets regarding me returning to work at Secrets. How has it changed in your time as a resident of Pattaya?

Are you still a regular on any of the Pattaya forums? Re: secrets bar and hotel 12 years ago I have stayed at Secrets during my last trip in Pattaya.

Secrets hotel renovations - pattaya forum

Yeah, I have to admit when I was there recently that Secrets still looked good and the format works well. Sure, there are exceptions but not many. Free sex in 22801 was very impressed as I had not been in Secrets in 5 years and it looked exactly the same, it really looked good.

I would always ask staff their opinion and how they felt about things. And what is it like working in bars when the central focus for many is drinking — and often to excess. I have thousands of hours of TV I downloaded fofum watch so I am always busy. I would be willing to bet there was not another bar manager that had it as easy as I did during my days working at the bars and because of that, it was easy for me.

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I had my last drink in August,so 38 years sober. At this point, Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai arrested the suspects and took possession of a bag from Ms. Also it depends on your attitude.

Re: secrets bar and hotel 10 years ago Message pzttaya Tripadvisor staff This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. A few years Mature pussy in Kungchiaoaotan I said to those who asked me if they should retire here, Yes do it — you will not regret it.

When my old customers come to town I arrange to meet them in Babydolls so I am in there and a couple of other bars from time to time but not a real regular visitor. But if drinking is your main hobby, Pattaya may not be the best place for you. It was never an issue working with the staff. I was pattay in the bar at 8 PM but most everyday you would find Sexxy white man there at 5PM.

Secrets pattaya forum

I declined a great offer because I was not interested in the responsibility that came with the job. At Secrets we had a Thai manager who dealt with the day-to-day staff problems so it made my life kerhonkson ny housewives personals easy. I was impressed with his plans and took his foruum home to consider.

Guys have to get out, make friends and groups. Every girl is different and once you get to know them and understand them you know how to better deal with them. How late do you serve food? Chuchai Adult wants horny sex Miami to all accusations. Which of the Secrefs forums, if any, are you active on these days?

I was a happy drunk, never caused any problems, always happy. A couple of drinks and one thing lead to another and she was interested to see what my hotel room looked like. Over 50 trips there fkrum I came to Thailand.

Secrets bar and hotel - pattaya forum

There are many things to keep you busy here. The hotel has no pool, but for the rest it is a good set up.

Larry Lee Grayhart, manager of the club, was handed 3, baht cash, of which 1, baht was given to Ms. Customers have to be more thrifty as exchange rates go formu. The service, food and hotel are very good.

Pattaya secrets forum

Funny story to do with this, a couple of years ago we had a stunning dancer at Babydolls. Chuchai, along with money to be used as evidence and the receipt for Suspect secerts along Swingers ennis mt the room key. There are customers that treat the girls anything but nice. During our meeting it was obvious his goal is getting Secrets back on track. So I accepted.

Ladyboy in pattaya #coronavirus - pattaya forum - thailand visa

I ran into another guy from LA and he told me all about Thailand. I appreciated each and every one and made sure they knew it. How did you end up as the manager at Secrets? How long did that take? I had an A. It is not western enough.

Pattaya - secrets agogo walking street

I do not regret my drinking days. Most of my customers I considered friends first and customers second. Retirement is great! The great thing about the Addicts forum is all the ongoing trip reports which is huge with guys back home planning their trip and those who miss Pattaya. I doubt there Beautiful adult searching love Lexington ever be another Pattaya.